Using Your Fireplace

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As the weather gets colder in Nashville, Tennessee, the staff at The Players Club of Brentwood would like to offer our residents some instructions for warming up their home with their fireplace this winter:

  1. Check that the flue is open and the draft is going up your chimney.
  2. To set up a fire:
    • Set up a base for your fire with tinder, such as newspaper.
    • Add kindling items, such as sticks or small logs.
    • Stack a grid of larger wood logs on top. Stack the wood no higher than two-thirds of the height of your fireplace. 
  3. Light newspaper first.
  4. At least a half an hour before you want the fire out, stir the wood down. Never leave a fire unattended.
  5. Wait at least three days to dispose of ashes. Ashes can reignite.

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